Marc DiCostanzo 
N.J. Lic. No. 3937

Proud to be family owned

Howell Township's only Funeral Home - Established in 1965

Intern: Elena DiCostanzo

*Unlicensed and unable to make funeral arrangements, embalm or conduct funerals

Lakewood Funeral Home

The Lakewood Funeral Home is a family owned and operated business founded by Anthony L. DiCostanzo in 1964.  His son, Marc DiCostanzo, was manager of the business for many years, before taking over after his father passed away. Now, starting the third generation, is Marc's daughter, Elena, who is currently a funeral intern.  Marc's wife, Dina, has been an integral part of the funeral home offering a friendly face, and a compassionate heart to every family who walks through our doors. 

 We understand the importance of family, and find it crucial to lend our compassion, trust, and loyalty to your family during this time of need.  We are carrying on a tradition that was started many years ago, and will continue to live on.

Our experience, combined with our perspective on the importance of the ceremony, will help you pay tribute to your loved one.  Honoring the life of your loved one speaks truly about the relationship shared.  We our available to help you make this tribute unique, memorable, and most importantly personal.

D​iCostanzo family owned;