Lakewood Funeral Home

This price includes basic services of funeral director and staff, embalming, dressing & casketing, use of funeral home for up to one hour including visitation/service, local* transportation to funeral home, local * transportation to cemetery, basic 20 GAUGE non-protective metal casket (#85 Matthews)

burial with visitation/service                          $6,895.00   

*Transportation exceeding 10 miles @ $4.00/mile

Certified copies of death certificate @ $15.00/copy

Mandatory State Permit Fee @ $15.00

Additional visitation @ $395.00/hour

Additional staff for transfer @ $150.00/man

Concrete Burial Vault (if required)

Cemetery fees

Clergy/Church Honorarium

Limousine/Flower Car/ Gratuities

Prayer Cards/Register Book/Acknowledgement Cards


Howell Township's only Funeral Home - Established in 1965

Burial options

*All services that take place at the funeral home include the use of our Theater Room that is described on the Home Page of our website at no additional cost.

Casket Upgrade Example

Matthews Sutton - Addtl $300

D​iCostanzo family owned;

Included in Package

Matthews #85

The following basic plan is simply an example to show you the starting point for a burial with visitation.  Please refer to our General Price List for a complete breakdown of all Funeral Home charges.  You may contact us at any time via email with any questions or concerns and receive a no-obligation response.  Remember, we are here to help you in your time of need.

Additional Items if Selected